Vote-by-Mail Request and Early Voting Reports

What is in the early voting activity report?

Each county activity report contains a detailed list of the individual voters who voted during the early voting period and the site where they voted. Each filed report contains cumulative information from previously submitted daily reports.

When are early voting activity reports filed?

Each county must upload daily activity reports to the State starting one day after the early voting period starts and ending one day after the period ends in the respective county. Every county has the same mandatory period for early voting which starts on the 10th day before election day and ends on the 3rd day before election day. However, each county may offer more days of early voting to start as early as the 15th day before election day and end as late as the 2nd day before election day. Their reporting timeline will correspond with their designated early voting period.

The State creates a statewide file daily by consolidating the individual county reports as most recently filed. If a county has not submitted a report due for that day, it will be noted online and you will need to contact the county Supervisor of Elections to obtain the report.

When are early voting activity reports processed?

Each county is only required to report to the Division of Elections once a day by 8 a.m. reflecting the prior day’s activity. The Department of State then makes the information available online by 9 a.m. In the event a county report is not uploaded in the first window, the website is refreshed at noon, 3 p.m., and 6 p.m. (Eastern Time) to capture any outstanding county report subsequently uploaded so that all 67 county reports are reflected in the statewide consolidated file by day’s end.

State posting of these reports will end on the Monday before the applicable election.

Who has access to early voting activity reports?

The public has full access to the these reports.

How are early voting activity reports accessed?

Authority: Section 101.657(2), Fla. Stat., Rule 1S-2.043, Fla. Admin. Code

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